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Sample Library Review

” I think that ATOM is one of those libraries that I will find myself using on a fairly regular basis given the unique timbres it contains, coupled with a really crisp workflow. I find it to be a nice little experimentation machine using some sound sources that don’t seem to be present in many of the other libraries that I have and I attribute that to the sound design team at Audiomodern.”


Producer Spot

”Atom is an amazing hybrid library to have and I know I will be using it a lot in my own projects, it is amazing at creating custom vibes that can really steer the whole direction of your track. Now I know that it is mainly geared at cinematic and gaming producers but I believe that it can be an extremely useful tool to have in any producer’s arsenal.”



“With ATOM, Audiomodern brings a really interesting all in one library for film- and gamemusic producers. The library also fits to musicians that produce electronic music like Ambient, Deephouse, Chillout and similar genres. The concept of ATOM with the layering, several effects and the powerful sequencer has proven itself. The sound is outstanding and the library contains some very inspiring presets.”



”ATOM is a really good tool for sound designers, especially if you’re pressed for time. Its engine allows users to easily sculpt their desired sound, or browse through several presents that inspire creativity and experimentation. You gotta check this one out!”


”Audiomodern hat mit dem Atom eine tolle Library für Soundtrack/Spiele/Ambient-Musiker geschaffen, die mit einem beachtlichen Vorrat an Samples daher kommt. Es stimmen Quantität und insbesondere auch Qualität des Klangvorrats. Von Drohnen, Effekten, Pads, Sequenzen, Impacts, Drums ist vieles möglich. Das Meiste ist dabei tonal spielbar. Das Interessante am Atom ist, dass er erfrischend anders und mächtig klingt.”


The Audio Spotlight

”It does exactly what is advertised and sounds the part too. The basses, for the most part, sound full and rich while the synths sound mellow or airy and the leads sound powerful with a real sense of energy.”



”Let’s just begin by saying that these samples are so incredibly crystal clear and precise that it’s almost unbelievable. I was sure that, just like most sample packs, we’d open up these sounds and be pretty impressed by the quality but never did I expect to hear the same clarity and precision that is showcased in the official demo tracks for these products.”


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