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Here are some testimonials from some of our customers

Tony Vincent – www.tonyvincent.com

I honestly don’t recall the last time I was so blown away by a sound design company who call themselves Audiomodern.

These tools leave me motionless each time my hands hit the keyboard or even if I’m listening to their demo-tracks on their website.

I’m engrossed with every nuance of these meticulously crafted sounds.

Steve A.

Hi guys, Just picked up Abuser this morning. I really like it. It's great to be able to enjoy and use some very powerful synth sounds without having to shell out $200 or $300 first, and your range of tones is well thought out. I'm happy with my purchase. :)

Gleb Shaganov

Top stuff, as usually! Audiomodern team never dissapoints. Crispy, pristine sounding stuff. Sync 2 makes me almost feel sad how good it sounds out of the box.

Tony Vincent – www.tonyvincent.com

The sounds are crystal clear and insanely precise. I’m thinking that the creators of these ??libraries? have done a side-deal with someone on the darkside. I’ve never heard such amazing ?instruments? right out of the gate like I have with the libraries from Audiomodern, and you can quote me on that.

Peter R.

Bought "Glitchee" today and i think it's a fantastic, well tought and great sounding "instrument" - super work! thanks! ;)


I got all your sample packs, which are really good and enjoyable.

Once again, thank you for your beautiful work of art.


I wish to thank you for your work of enthusiasts. The music is always the limit between the madness and the pulchritude. Like you.

Josh H.

Just bought your Abuser instrument, unbelievable sounds! Very unique and special sounding instrument. Thank you!


The Abuser is probably the best 3.6Gb synth you can get for €29

John K.G

SYNC is absolutely mind-blown, excellent sound as usual! Thank you

Janko D.

Great company, products, sounds overall, well done on being excellent!

John Moukarzel

The service of your company is beyond perfect! I will continue to follow, buy and recommend Audiomodern always! Thanks Again

Daniel L.

I really must salute you guys for a great product! It feels just as your company name implies, modern.

In place in modern music and also with a modern pricetag :)

Arthur H.

SYNC is a "must have" when you are looking for a glitchy rhythmic minimal Groovekit.

It just made my day and I'm using it in my daily productions for Television here in the Netherlands.


I really love Sync 3, though I'm not a drum or electronic drum lover, I think Sync 3 is very special and fits well in my composition. It comes out from every typical rythmic engines in a cool and very different way. Sync 3 is a must indeed!!!

Peter Van Runt

I think i have just had one of the most fun and inspiring song writing sessions using the random riff generator pro! It also works as a really good arpeggiator, it is fast becoming one of my favorite tools. I really love it!

Marcin Staniszewski

I have played for few minutes with Random Groove Generator and its really easy to use. Love the immediacy and creative possibilities.

Daniel B.

Got the update, and Abuser V2 is awesome! I'm in love with what you guys are doing. Thanks!!