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Advanced Film & Game Sound Design Tool
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A unique virtual instrument with a powerful custom engine fully equipped to spark your creativity.

“Atom is amazing at creating custom vibes that can really steer the whole direction of your track.”

- Producer Spot

Textured and Revealing_

The machine is built around a beautifully diverse collection of intricate textures and organic elements, that were created from a huge collection of field recordings, custom made acoustic instruments including a tuned anker, propellers, the famous Koka’s experimental Box even a WWII Torpedo and analogue machine noises, which were then painstakingly recorded, edited using the most advanced sound design techniques and finally assembled into a stunning collection of abstract cinematic & experimental organic elements. with over 180 patches & presets to be mixed and matched as desired.

A unique sound design tool to create a huge range of distinctive cinematic sounds, otherworldly atmospheres, mesmeric drones, emorive synths, noisey pads, organic keys, impressive cinematic fx, transitional elements, Impacts and and Melodic Motifs each with its own character and concept behind the creation handcrafted with passion, innovation and technology. This virtual instrument plugin comes with 3.000+ samples, a highly versatile collection of on board effects, an incredibly intuitive multi-layer engine with separate effects and arpeggiator engine for each layer to provide hundreds of sonic combinations.

Emotive Organic_

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ATOM is preloaded with over 180 exquisitely crafted presets divided into five main categories


Each sound can be shaped into lush evolving pads, dense uplifting chords, strange acoustic tones, deep Textures, ambient soundscapes, layered ambiences, Imacts, transitional cinematic FX and elements for adding drama and movement into your compositions with all advanced features that allow unlimited flexibility over morphing, manipulating and processing.


Optimized Functionality & Multi-Genre versatility

7.2 Total Gb of sounds (Compressed to 6.73 Gb using .NCW Lossless format)

Random Sequence & Pattern Generator

Individual Effects & Arpeggiator  for each Layer

180+ categorised soundsources encompassing a wide variety of sounds

Custom convolution reverb impulse engine

Top 5 Kontakt Instruments for Suspense & Horror

“Arguably the most important musical elements in a film score are atmospheric in nature.
ATOM has your back! Especially, if you are working on something that is meant to be frightening.This is 7 GB of sounds ranging from some of the most ghoulish atmospheres to blistering effects that will have your audience shaking in their socks. ATOM is really a one stop little shop of horrors. “

Sample Library Review

” I think that ATOM is one of those libraries that I will find myself using on a fairly regular basis given the unique timbres it contains, coupled with a really crisp workflow. I find it to be a nice little experimentation machine using some sound sources that don’t seem to be present in many of the other libraries that I have and I attribute that to the sound design team at Audiomodern.”


”With ATOM, Audiomodern brings a really interesting all in one library for film- and gamemusic producers. The library also fits to musicians that produce electronic music like Ambient, Deephouse, Chillout and similar genres. The concept of ATOM with the layering, several effects and the powerful sequencer has proven itself. The sound is outstanding and the library contains some very inspiring presets.”

Producer Spot

”Atom is an amazing hybrid library to have and I know I will be using it a lot in my own projects, it is amazing at creating custom vibes that can really steer the whole direction of your track. Now I know that it is mainly geared at cinematic and gaming producers but I believe that it can be an extremely useful tool to have in any producer’s arsenal.”

I just got Atom!
This is absolutely insane! the most fun f***ing Kontakt instance i have played with 10/10
Thank you for being awesome!

– Kedzie

All my thanks for the beauty and the powerful Atom engine…it’s just awesome!
The best Kontakt library i’ve ever purchased!

– Nico L.

ATOM is EPIC!! Atmospheres perfect for films, games, Music!

– Joshua Casper



Advanced Film & Game Sound Design Tool


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•  ATOM runs in FULL Kontakt version 5.5 or higher.
•  Mac OS X 10.7, OS X 10.8 or later.
•  Windows 7 or later.
•  At least 4 GB of RAM and 7.2 GB of free drive space.
•  Access to a stable internet connection for digital delivery.


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