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Creative Panning, the Clever Way

VST • VST3 • AU • AAX • AUv3 for Windows, macOS & iOS

Panflow for Desktop (Win & Mac)

Panflow for iOS (iPad & iPhone)

A Creative
Panning Modulator

Designed to Shape complex, evolving panning patterns and add random,
rhythmical movement to any audio track in real-time.

Create Instant fluid motion with precise stereo editing, with an easy-to-use
interface and powerful pattern editor.

Instant fluid motion

Give your audio a more lively, dynamic feel, or add dynamism
to any static sound.

Panflow is endlessly variable, endlessly interesting and is available
for Windows, Mac and iOS Devices.


VST/VST3/AU/AAX/iOS & Standalone
Generate Panning Motion in real-time
Syncs to Host tempo
MIDI Controllable
Infinity Mode
Quick Load presets

M1 Compatible
Instant/Tap Bypass for live performance
3 Curve modes
Customizable Sequence Range
MIDI Output
No Two Patterns will Ever be the Same

Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
At least 50 MB of free drive space
Reliable internet connection for download delivery and product activation

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