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The Ultimate Chord Machine

Creative real-time compositional assistant for Mac, Windows and iPad

Available as VST • VST3 • AU • AAX • AUv3 & Standalone






FOR iPad

Chord Better than Best

Build chords and progression patterns through intuitive user-guided randomization.
Chordjam automatically randomizes a unique combination of parameters, serving up unpredictable but always musical variations.

What we have here is nothing less than a creative real-time compositional assistant.

- Computer Music

Unlike similar plugins, Chordjam uses intuitive user-guided randomization to go about its business. Bringing new controls for musical expression and delivers limitless inspiration and musical variety.

What’s new in version 1.5?

MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) Adopted!

Chordjam now supports MPE technology to deliver polyphonic portamento/gliding chords which allows you to bend from any chord to any chord, both in real-time chord triggering or using the sequencer’s progression patterns.

In Action

You can check our You Tube channel to view more musical examples & in-depth tutorials.

Comes with Free Expansions in Factory Library

With Chordjam you now have the option to import/export and create your own personalized packs, all with your own Artwork, Name, Description and tagging which you can export and share with another device or with another user.

Chordjam Packs capture both the Chords & Patterns so every pack you export is exactly as you designed it.

New Expansions are provided regularly and everything can be done with 1-Click Export & Import. It's really fast.

Complete Overview

Check out our In-Depth Tutorial for Chordjam and learn how it works

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Features & Requirements

• Unique Chord Randomization Controls
• MPE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression)
• Unique Voicing Parameters
• Intelligent Sequencer Engine
• Arp Mode
• Chord Progression & Pattern Presets
• Generate Infinite Chord Patterns & Progressions
• Polyphonic Portamento/Gliding Chords
• Drag MIDI Chord
• Drag MIDI pattern
• Pads Section for Musical Performance

• Quick Load preset Section
• Choose Quantization settings
• Suffle & Shift Mode
• Advanced Infinity Mode
• Set Sequence range & Motion Settings
• Set Range for Transposition, Time-Delay and Velocity
• Save & Load your own patterns
• Send MIDI to any Device, Software & Hardware
• Advanced MIDI CC/Mapping editor
• No Two Chords will Ever be the Same
• Delivering limitless inspiration and musical variety

• Mac OS X 10.12 or higher
• Windows 10 or higher
• At least 50 MB of free drive space
• Reliable internet connection for download delivery
and product activation

• Allows for activation on three (3) computers per serial code

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