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Refund Policy

Audiomodern will refund your full purchase price providing one (or more) of these conditions are met :


For downloaded content


• Your bank / Paypal account was illegally charged (fraud)
• You provide a reasonable explanation why the refund needs to be made.
• The zip file has not been downloaded.



Money Back Guarantee


Here at Audiomodern we take pride in our expertise, passion, and the prestige of our products. If for any reason at all you don’t love a product, you can get a refund.

If you are unhappy for any reason after installing, and using the product, we will issue a full refund within 14 days of your purchase.
This policy applies to all products except products using a License-Key that was activated, products that include a Trial Version,  bulk orders and bundles. All validated refund requests will be processed within 2 weeks.
Failure to include all required information may result in a denial of your request or a delay in the processing of your refund.
Excludes products obtained as Not For Resale or products purchased at an authorized Audiomodern Reseller/Retailer.
Any products purchased with an authorized Audiomodern Reseller/Retailer should be returned to the retailer from which it was purchased (subject to that retailers return policy).

Refund process

Please complete our contact form notifying us that you have successfully used the product with your system but would like a refund.
Once the refund is authorized, Audiomodern will provide instructions on how to remove or otherwise uninstall your product.
Once the process is complete, Audiomodern will refund in the amount of the full purchase price.

Refund amount is subject to the currency exchange rate and applicable bank fees at the time of the refund.

NOTE: Users must successfully install, add, and activate their products prior to becoming eligible for a refund.
Technical issues relating to Third Party Software or Cracked Software do not meet refund requirements.